Apply to Decorate Holly House 2022!

Energetic, available February- late May.  Love to decorate and Shop.  Can hammer a nail, put up a curtain, carry a rug.
Love to laugh, have fun and work hard.

Send in a Digital Board, A Collage Poster or a Stack of Photos.

Cut photos out of magazines and paste them on a Poster.  Go to a furniture store and take photos.  Get on Pinterest or Houzz. 
Show us How YOU would decorate it and make it AMAZING.


Pick 1 room
The rooms are very small and we need as much storage as we can get.
1) There is a Master Bedroom with a King size bed;

2) A Boys Room, Age 11 - He likes Red and Blue and all sports;

3) Girls Room with twin beds;  Age 12 -  she likes the color green
and age 8 - she likes the color pink.

We have 6-8 openings for the Team.  Please send in your Application by December 15 to:

Mary Cannon


Phone:  985-789-1663

Address:  833 Newbridge Pl, TV Florida 32163

If you have any questions please give Mary a call.

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