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Our Club is looking for a Planning committee lead:

Are you a Party Girl!  Love traveling around Florida?  Know where to Shop?  We need you to lead a Planning Committee team  for the Home Deco Club!

  • Planning Committee lead will recruit 4-6 helpers and planners.

  • Advise board member on possible bus trips for decorating/shopping venues twice a year.  I.e, trips to Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville - any fun home decorating event.

  • Make recommendations to the Board on potential talents/speakers who can present to the club at a monthly meeting. (3 per year).  Provide theme based i.e, Upgrade your Outdoor Living Space!, Beauty of Chalk Paint and Your Old Furniture, etc

  • Make recommendations of Homes for Home Tours.

Submit the form below and we'll be in contact soon!

Thank you-we'll be in touch!

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