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We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Laurel Manor Recreation Center from 1:00 - 2:50 PM


October 15: Deb Hilliard & Shirley Boroughs of Boroughs Restoration Part 2 "Empowering Women Around the House"
November 12: Annual "Thankful Luncheon at Katie Belles
December 5:(Thursday)  Magical Disney Holiday Experience




The Villages Home Deco Club

Ever wonder how your kitchen could be redesigned for beauty and functionality?.....the three steps you should take before spending $165 to get your garbage disposal fixed? to create space in your home that you never knew you had?  Well, wonder no more!!!! 
Please come and enjoy our Empowering Women Around the House Presentation on Tuesday, October 15th - 1pm! Deb Hilliard and Shirley Boroughs of Boroughs Restoration will combine humor with practical information to empower you to have the confidence to tackle projects around your house!  Deb and Shirley have presented once before to us, and we have asked them to return with more! This is one you will not want to miss.
Please note - we expect a full house of members and we would prefer that you DO NOT bring guests with you to this meeting!!! You will need to show your Villages ID when you enter the Lincoln Room!
 Please do not arrive before NOON as Laurel Manor will not allow us to enter the building until then in order to reduce noise and confusion in their Lobby!!  
We have a very busy fall filled with several events for you to enjoy!  Please read the following info so that you are up to date on all the happenings...
1)  For those of you who still need them, name tags and 2019 stickers will be available in the Washington/Jefferson room (at 12:15) BEFORE the meeting starts!
2)  Tickets for our ��Magical Disney Holiday Experience�� will ONLY BE SOLD BEFORE the meeting  Oct. 15 in the Washington/Jefferson Room, beginning at 12:15.  Please read the email with all the specifics of this trip that was sent to you on October 9th!  Grand Floridian, High Tea and Disney Springs is $70 — Grand Floridian and Disney Springs is $25. All checks made out to the Home Deco Club!
3)  Our November Thankful Luncheon at Katie Belle's is completely SOLD OUT☺  We are so very Thankful for all of you!!!
Here are the latest dates for you to put on your calendars!!! regarding meetings or bus trips.
*** October 21st- HDC trip to Amelia Island to visit the Southern Living Dream Idea Home for 2019!  Please watch for the Trip Detail email that will be sent on Oct. 16 to everyone who is joining us. 
***October 29th-  2020 Membership Renewal Information Will be sent to you. You will have the month of November to renew your membership.  Please note- Our Waitlist is CLOSED for 2020.
*** November 12th - HDC Thankful Luncheon, 11am Katie Belles
***NO REGULAR MEETING on November 19th
***December 5th- Magical Disney Holiday Experience
*** NO REGULAR MEETING on December 17th
*** January 21st- First Meeting of 2020, Laurel Manor - Joy Dudas will be our featured speaker
That's it for now!!!  Thank you for ALL your enthusiasm about our Home Decorating Club!!!  Your positive attitudes truly inspire us!!!  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, ideas, concern, etc.  We will be happy to help you out!
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