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Holly House

Holly House

Our Holly Houses Reveals are here!

Holly House #11:  No RoMac reveal due to a sudden early move-in day (medical need), but check out our last-minute cell phone video and still shots!

Holly House #12: RoMac captured a short but sweetly emotional reveal and stills!


What beautiful homes! - thank you to our members for making it happen!!



Our Club will be Open for New Membership starting Oct 1st!

Thank you for your interest in joining our club!  On October 1st you will see a new link here where you can register as a new 2024 member of the Home Deco Club.  Remember to check back on Oct 1st!

This is for new members only!

Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 6.47.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-20 at 6.47.54 PM.png

Thank you to all of our members who could attend our meeting featuring Artisan Outdoor Living - What a great presentation bringing the Indoor Out-a definite re-invite!

Visit their website for more information at the below link!


Thank you to all of our members who could attend our meeting featuring Ruth Dyer: A Lanai for All Seasons!

Visit Ruth's website for many of her "before & after" photos and to view all the services Ruth offers her customers! 



Get your home on the home tour!

We want to see you in 2023!

Have your friends told you how much they love your home?  Comments on your fantastic decorating skills, or you are in the business??  Join our list of home decorating home tours and get those projects completed now!! 

Need help in deciding?  Give us a call!!

Contact the club at


Our HDC is a proud sponsor - working with Habitat for Humanity - to provide safe and affordable home ownership in our local community.  We fund our Habitat projects through our HDC dues.

Our HDC will again be partnering with Habitat for Humanity on another fabulous home which will be finished in May!  More details to follow as we get them from Habitat.
Click on the links to view the fabulous work our members provide.

Remember - there is no group meeting for the month of July and August - Your board members will be planning future events for your enjoyment!

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