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Festive Dinner Table
Festive Dinner Table

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Urban Living Space

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Membership Renewals for current members is now closed!  We are now processing those who signed up for our Membership Wait List.

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Holly House

Holly House Reveal

Our Holly House # 10, is again out of the park beautiful.  Thanks to you all!

Mom, Dad and three children
have purchased their home and have moved in!

Thank you so much for your patience as we worked to bring you this wonderful and beautiful reveal video.  Please enjoy!   And again, thank you to all our members who make these efforts possible!



 Our Membership Wait List for 2023 is now Closed.

Thank you for your interest in joining our club!  Our wait list for HDC Membership is now closed.  For those who did signup, we will email you with instructions on November 26, 2022!

Once you receive this email, you will have until  December 12, 2022 to finalize your membership!


Get your home on the home tour!

We want to see you in 2023!

Have your friends told you how much they love your home?  Comments on your fantastic decorating skills, or you are in the business??  Join our list of home decorating home tours and get those projects completed now!! 

Need help in deciding?  Give us a call!!

Contact the club at homedecoclub1@gmail.com


Our HDC is a proud sponsor - working with Habitat for Humanity - to provide safe and affordable home ownership in our local community.  We fund our Habitat projects through our HDC dues.

Our HDC will again be partnering with Habitat for Humanity on another fabulous home which will be finished in May!  More details to follow as we get them from Habitat.
Click on the links to view the fabulous work our members provide.