Membership Renewal Email

Hello to all our valued HDC members!


It is time for you to think about renewing your membership for 2019!!  As you all know, we have a very large and active club!  We endeavor to provide a wide variety of educational, interesting and fun activities, trips and programs, centering around our mutual love for all things "decorating"!  We continue to be encouraged by your enthusiasm, imagination, spirit of adventure and of course your willingness to share your ideas!  You, our members, make this club what it is!!!  


So many of you are so willing to step forward and offer assistance at every meeting! Our volunteers keep things running smoothly and provide a consistent support at every event!!  We could not do it without you!!

                       THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL



As you all know, our Home Decorating Club has a membership wait list of 181 people-We ask that you consider your interests, your schedule and your time commitments BEFORE you decide to renew your membership.  If you are not able to participate on a regular basis when you are in The Villages, we ask that you kindly consider not renewing to allow space for someone else to join the club!!! As a reminder: You may only hold membership in ONE Home Decorating Club!!! We share our membership list with The Decorating Divas South to avoid double memberships!


November is Membership Renewal Month- 

 You may pay in cash or a check made out to the Home Deco Club! Your dues money supports our Habitat for Humanity decorating projects.

 Please note:  You may only renew membership for YOURSELF !!!



There are 3 ways for you to renew YOUR MEMBERSHIP ! 


1)  Please bring your 3 x 5 informational index card and your $15 dues for 2019 in a SEALED envelope with your name on the outside to our “Thankful Luncheon” on November 13th. A collection box will be located upstairs to the left of the welcome desk! We are only accepting completed money and cards in sealed envelopes!


2)  Please send your 3 x 5 informational index card and you $15 dues for 2019 to 

                                       Pat McDonnell

                                       541 Beville Place

                                       The Villages, Florida 32163



3)  Please drop your 3 x 5 informational index card and your $15 dues for 2019 in the box on my courtyard at my house. I live in the Village of Sanibel. The last day to drop your info at my house is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16th

(I am out of town for Thanksgiving!)


Please Note: Your 3 x 5 index card must include the following PRINTEDinformation-


***Your Name-Last name, First name for ABC filing!


***Your Village

***Phone number or numbers- mark as home or cell

***Email Address that you check on a regular basis

***(Please note- AOL users do not receive bulk email on a regular basis!)

***"P" if you are a permanent resident or "S" if you are a seasonal resident!


***Please note- if you are currently using an AOL email address- please consider giving us a different email.  As you already know-we can not guarantee that you will receive regular bulk emails from us!


***You will receive a confirmation of your 2019 Home Decorating Club membership as soon as your information has been processed.


Membership renewal begins on Thursday, November 1st!  All renewals must be received no later than Friday, November 30th!  If I do not receive your renewal by the 30th you will need to send an email requesting membership and be put on the waitlist for 2020- NO EXCEPTIONS!! Again- you may ONLY Renew your OWN membership. NO multiple registrations will be accepted!!! Please be sure you are in only ONE decorating club!!!



Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our renewal process!!!  AGAIN- RENEWALS are time sensitive!  We must receive your information and dues $$ by Friday, November 30th at the latest!!!! Please plan to take a check with you if you will be away from the Villages during November! Please email us with any questions about this process!


We look forward to an exciting 2019! There is a reason this club is so very popular- it's YOU, our super members- sooooooo- please check your schedules and commitments and then RENEW your MEMBERSHIP ASAP between NOV 1st and NOV 30th!!!



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