The Villages Home Decorating Club-October 2020

You are all invited to participate in our Virtual October Mystery Tour!!!

We have been busy taking our video camera on a special trip!  The camera has captured a wonderful and fun adventure for October!  This virtual trip is sure to bring a smile to your face and add color to your fall☺

Curious about where we are going?????  Please click on this link, sit back in your favorite chair with a cup of tea and ENJOY!  It's 50min. long.(Disclaimer: big apologies for the very loud clacking noise - we will have that resolved before the next video!  There is also silence for a bit, but the sound does come right back. The video may or may not start at the beginning. Please slide your cursor over the red line all the way to the left! (Thank you for your patience!)

Now it is time for some "Audience Participation" from you!!!  We would like to create a video for our club featuring a variety of fall decorations from your homes!  Please take a look around your home and take a picture of one or two fall scenes that you have created for your home.  It could be a picture of a fall wreath, floral arrangements, tablescapes, outside decorations etc.  

We also wanted you to  check out this month's edition of the Villages Magazine!  It features three of our talented members!!! Check out pg 19 which features Ellen Hellwege, a glass artist and breast cancer survivor.  Then turn to pages 67-69! You will see Catherine Dugay and Diane Gilson with their beautiful fall decorations!  Great job ladies!

Now it's YOUR turn!!!  Use your fabulous imaginations and email your pictures to  We will combine all the pics and create a slideshow for all of you to enjoy!!!  We would like to have your pics submitted to us by October 30th! Please don't hesitate to contact us it you have any questions about this "Audience Participation" project☺  Remember to watch for our Membership Renewal Info that will be emailed to you at the end of October!!!  Please share this email with your member friends to be sure that we remain connected.
Our emails are also posted on our website (click on the live link below!!)

Happy Fall, Y'all....

Your Home Deco Team:
Dianne Carter - President
Barb Dubois- Vice-President
Shirley Bertram- Treasurer
Pat McDonnell- Membership/Communications
Diane Gilson- Special Events Coordinator
Mary Cannon- Tech and Art Support
Home Decorating Club

To view the Habitat Home click on one of the links below:


 Habitat House 2020_.mp4

You, our fabulous members, make this club what it is!  Thank you for your patience and/or your participation during these uncertain times!!!  We would also like to recognize three of our members who have volunteered to be our newly formed "Computer Committee"!  A huge thank you to Cheryl Lynn (Current Webmaster), Sharron McAdams, and Mindy Cooper for their efforts to help us continue our awesome communication with all of you!



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