August 2020

Hi All- 
Take #2!!!  Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the Reveal video!!  Several of our members told us that they were unable to open the video.  We have now put it on You Tube and are hoping this will allow all members to share in the joy!!!

Thank you all for your patience as we "muddle" our way through this technology stuff!!!  Just click on this link and it SHOULD work just fine :)


Hello to all our treasured HDC members!!!

It has been a little while since we have touched base with all of you.  These are strange, confusing  and tough weeks and months for all of us.  We certainly hope that you all have been able to keep healthy and have found some decorating "projects" to keep your imagination and creativity alive and well.  

As you all know, our major efforts as a decorating club are focused on the planning, designing, and decorating of a Habitat for Humanity home each year.  This year we were both proud and blessed to use our knowledge, talents, and the HDC "treasure" to present Brandee and her two young sons with a beautifully decorated home!  We wanted to show the video of this year's home reveal at  a regularly scheduled HDC meeting. But the virus, Covid 19, had different plans for all of us!  So we are going to Plan B!

Please click on the link below to enjoy a guided tour of Brandee's new home!  Your generosity throughout the year has been such an amazing blessing to Brandee and her little family.  We hope that you will take a few minutes to view this Reveal and that it fills your hearts to overflowing!  Also, check the web site every so often, because we are going to have Cheryl post some of our still shots for you!  (Note: some photos twist sideways without allowing her to fix them, so just know it is a site issue and not Cheryl’s mistake!) ? 

 Habitat House 2020_.mp4
We are looking forward to creating another beautiful Habitat Home in the spring of 2021.  Your HDC dues as well as other club events provide the funding for our yearly charitable project.  WE, like all of you are looking forward to the day when we can resume our club meetings, activities and trips.  Until then, please keep smiling, keep busy, keep your positive outlook and please share any wonderful creations you have completed during this time spent in your home!!!  Enjoy the results of your incredible generosity!!!



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