The Home Decorating Club has grown so much since it's inception in 2009!  We provide opportunities to LEARN about design and home decorating, we love SHARING our own ideas and INSPIRING each other to think outside the creative box!  But most of all, we have fun :-)
But Village residents are always welcome if space is available at our meetings!

Program Ideas???

Hello ladies,

As you heard at our recent meeting, we value your input, so we're excited about establishing an Events Committee!  What we have in mind is a separate committee to come up with ideas,   research them regarding the logistics and feasibility for our large group, and then bring them to the board for our consideration and review.  (We will always be available to help you identify the things we need to keep in mind when putting together a program, of course.)
Our hope is to create an inventory of events for 2016 and beyond that are fun, inspiring, and educational.  We also like to highlight members' talents, skills, experiences, and connections (a who-knows-who of services and vendors) whenever possible as we look to continue with innovative and meaningful programs for the club.
We'd love you to join us as an individual or with a friend or two.  We think that six members would be optimal, but we'd be delighted to have more or fewer to help us keep this the best club in The Villages!
Please email us at by May 15 if you think you might be interested, and we'll explain more and then set up a get-together for everyone to meet.
Thank you -- we appreciate you!

Coming Up Next!

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Laurel Manor Recreation Center from 1:00 - 2:50 PM. 



June 16, 2015:  Home Deco Swap

Even as we get ready for our shopping trip this Tuesday, I want to give you a quick heads up about the Deco Swap for June.  Did you attend last year?  If so, you know you're in for some fun -- if not, trust us!
Here's the skinny on the Swap.  You scour your home for something that you used to love but have decided you're ready to thank it, bless it, and send it on its way to brighten up another member's home.  When you arrive at Laurel Manor, you'll receive a clothespin for each item you bring, up to three.  You'll write your name on the clothespins and pin them to items you'd like to take home.  If there are several pins on an item, we'll draw for the winner, and the rest will be returned so those members can try for something else.
This is a fast-paced romp through our own little decor shop -- you will love it, and you just may go home with a few treasures!