The Home Decorating Club has grown so much since it's inception in 2009!  We provide opportunities to LEARN about design and home decorating, we love SHARING our own ideas and INSPIRING each other to think outside the creative box!  But most of all, we have fun :-)
But Village residents are always welcome if space is available at our meetings!

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July 21, 2015:  Decorating Dilemmas

Fun, fun!!  You may have a wall, a room, or even just a corner of a room that you'd like to change, tweak, or somehow perk up, but you're  undecided about the best way to do that.  WELL, your fellow members are here to give you their creative ideas -- USE them!!   Please email us NOW if you'd like to present your dilemma -- we'll have you bring four to six 8x10 pictures of the area.  You can use your printer or Staples, etc.  (A color copy on regular paper -- no need for photo paper -- is very inexpensive.)  The rest of the group will move from table to table on cue and give their best advice and new thoughts.  Voila! -- you may well get your issue solved -- who'd a thunk?!

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Coming Up Next!

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Laurel Manor Recreation Center from 1:00 - 2:50 PM. 



June 16, 2015: 

Home Deco Swap

Did you attend last year?  If so, you know you're in for some fun -- if not, trust us!

July 21, 2015:

Decorating Dilemmas



August 18, 2015:

We're shopping, yahoo! 

We love to keep you in suspense, so details later.

September 12, 2015:

Decorator Showcase Sale


October 20, 2015

Home Tour